About Us:

ECONOMIA AGRICOLAS SA DE CV (EA) is a consulting firm involved in international trade and economic cooperation and the establishment of trade relations with partners from home and abroad. With over 12 years of collective experience and expertise in technology, planning, development and project management and business development with our strategic partners and association with certain multinational organizations with worldwide coverage with full technical and economic capacity and carry out commercial and agribusiness commitments.

EA identifies, structures and executes diverse and innovative transactions in the public and private markets for companies, financial institutions and governments . We specialize in private transactions to middle market and small across most sectors, concentrate on the challenging and emerging markets worldwide.


EA is supporting the activities of goodwill grant, in collaboration with some business groups in Latin America: Costa Rica , Peru , Mexico with the " World Center for Agricultural Business" and Africa with " Cerebral Nigeria Group " and is developing projects for the organization " ECOWAS " and " SADA WORD GROUP LLC" in West Africa. Continue promoting, sponsoring and offering many projects and humanitarian activities of agricultural development to underprivileged communities around the world./p>

Philosophy: The planning, preparation , execution, completion.

Our Vision: Leading agribusiness with cutting edge technology , to develop the potential of developing countries like Latin America and Africa.

Our Mission: To be the leader and master planners of new innovative technology services provider needs of our customers.

Our strength: Access to our strategic alliance partners with financial and technical knowledge and experience.