Countless projects installed in Mexico , Central and South America , now EA in collaboration with business projects " Cerebral Consultants " of Nigeria to attract financing sustainable projects $ 5 billion for the acquisition and conversion of 500,000 acres of public lands to productive development called " sustainable innovative areas " to be held in different parts marginalized and disadvantaged in African countries for planting grains like . soybean, corn, etc. for food self-sufficiency:

Greenhouse projects in the States of Nigerians Ekity and Ondo and Mornrovia, Liberia, vegetable production for export and local market, with an investment of $ 45 usd million.

Plant tomato paste production in Ondo State , Nigeria.

Plant organic pesticides in Lagos , Nigeria and Monrovia , Liberia.

Growing “Kenaf” 1,000 hectare for paper industry supply, with a goal of 20,000 Has. In the next 5 years, under organic management.

Counseling and development in conjunction with ADA SADA WORD INC. for 3,000 hectares of rice planting in Liberia, with an investment of $ 1 million USD, and the application of cutting edge technology as "Operation Quantum " will allow us to increase production of 4.5 ton / ha to 8.5 tones / ha with 65 % less than the cost of conventional culture and the potentiation of components of soil, air , water, supplemented with organic compounds to have a sustainable and sustainable development.

Contract farming , the supply of inputs such as chemical and organic fertilizers and commodity marketing advantages for producers and buyers, closing the circle of production-marketing.